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Theatre On Tap

Theatre On Tap

Part of the Night’s Launch Event

Produced by Olivia Munk and Jessica Bickel-Barlow

June 17, 2019

The Old Red Lion Theatre Pub - Islington, UK

Photography by Izzy Romilly

From March-June 2019, I co-produced Part of the Night’s launch event, Theatre On Tap, at the Old Red Lion Pub.

The event was a 24 hour play challenge, in which two female playwrights and a musical writing duo were given 12 hours to write a new piece specifically designed for the Old Red Lion Pub in Islington, London.

Female, trans, and nonbinary identifying actors and directors then had another 12 hours to stage and perform the piece for two live audiences.

Audiences were welcome to enjoy drinks and pies and to move around the pub as the actors performed.

Press on Theatre On Tap:

“New theatre company aims to make pubs and clubs more inclusive for women and non-binary people” - The Stage

Audience Response:

““Makes you feel part of something” – Part of the Night: Theatre On Tap – Old Red Lion Theatre” - Christina Bulford