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Directing Reviews

Directing Reviews

“Olivia Munk’s excellent stage direction elevated a mostly traditional setting of a mostly traditional work by tightening the characters beyond the letter of Gilbert’s somewhat leaky libretto.”

Four Cheers for a Well-Bred Pinafore - The Boston Musical Intelligencer, April 2016

“The show…featured spot-on direction executed by a superb cast, impressively tight orchestration, thoughtful and professionally performed choreography, and a beautiful set and costumes to boot…Munk successfully coached the actors to tease out these social burdens with both wit and flair on stage”

Smooth Sailing for HRG&SP’s H.M.S. Pinafore - The Harvard Crimson, April 2016

“Experienced actors and intelligent direction pull through to make it a cleverly delivered, flawlessly timed production built for levity and amusement…This production of “The Importance of Being Earnest” is a well-timed, well-directed exercise in purposeful cleverness.”

'The Importance of Being Earnest' Brings Wilde to Brooklyn - The Harvard Crimson, October 2015

“This candy-sweet tale…presented an impressively layered interpretation of the classic Grimm story…The fluid set changes added a sense of spontaneity, almost magic, to the production—for example, the chorus of forest sprites efficiently dismantled the chairs and tables of Hansel and Gretel’s home and turned the stage into a soft forest clearing in the transition from Act I to Act II.”

Harvard College Opera’s 'Hansel and Gretel' Captivates - The Harvard Crimson, February 2015

“Simultaneously ludicrous and contemplative, the show creates a story that speaks to a generation not used to communicating face-to-face through a combination of excellent acting and directing by Olivia M. Munk ’16…In a musical that is in part about awkward social relations, character interactions must be precise to naturally portray unease; fortunately Munk’s blocking as well as the cast’s interpretation of their respective characters showcase the characters’ discomfort effectively.”

"In Other Words" Finds All the Right Words - The Harvard Crimson, April 2014

“A night of fake mustaches, cross-dressing, revenge, French accents, and staged deaths ensued at Adams Pool Theatre in Mark Twain’s play “Is He Dead?” which ran through Sunday. With clever staging by director Olivia M. Munk ’16 and hilarious acting, the production was intriguing and funny, perfectly executing Twain’s witty script.”

“Is He Dead?” Alive and Well - The Harvard Crimson, October 2013